Wings Project

wings delivery all over the world
You've gone through *it and survived?
*it- sexual abuse in the family, incest
You deserve to get wings back.
You are entitled to have them!
Incest encroaches upon personal dignity,

upon mental and physical integrity,

and therefore, upon personal identity of the victim.

Incest is a murder of the soul.
Dr. Ursula Wirtz
There was no one there to protect them.

There was no one to save their wings.

Their wings were broken before they could spread them and fly far, far away.

It can take the whole lifetime to regain the wings.

Up to 86% of cases of sexual violence come
from close environment.
Courage. It is necessary for those who experienced their own personal Holocaust.

It is necessary for those who want to help them.

You need it so much to make at least the first step.

The first step to yourself, to each other.

Without fear, without shame, without guilt.

To gain the wings.

And to slowly get off the ground.
From 10 to 30 percent of children
(depending on geographical location)
experience sexual abuse in the family.
And only 10 percent of survivors of sexual abuse in the family reach therapy or simply find the strength to talk about it.
That's why Wings Project is so necessary.
The Wings Project Mission Statement
Our Mission
To let all those who suffered sexual abuse in the family make their first tiny step and allow them to regain their wings.
Our Principles
Thoughtfulness, safety, lack of external influence.
Our Actions
We are creating a safe and anonymous platform, a website and a linked app. They won't just be anonymous for other users, but also for state institutions, since they won't be keeping any data, not even an IP-address.
Website and Application Features
With the help of the future app you will be able to

1. Get Wings by choosing the ones you prefer from the app gallery and attaching to a picture of yourself from the back, save it or let yourself post it publicly.

2. Record your story in your natural or changed voice, save it or share on the website.

3. Write your story down, save or share on the website.
But What is This?
This is going to be a fun, no pressure kind of application, aesthetically pleasant and confidential. You don't have to post anything, or you can add your photo (it can just be your back or your back with pretty wings), an audiofile or a text. You don't even have to save them or give a permission to publish. It's not even a step, it's half a step or even just a slight move forward that can lead to much or nothing. It's always better to have several choices.
You are worthy of Wings
Next Stages of the Project
Crowdfunding (1.5 months)
Fundraising with the help of a crowdfunding platform. At that particular moment the project will need all kinds of support in spreading information and raising funds.
Creating the app and the website (2 months)
Testing and launching the platform (2 weeks)
Full launch in three languages (Russian, English, Hebrew) all over the world.
This is the day we all are waiting for! The day when everyone who suffered sexual abuse in the family finally gets their Wings back. This is going to happen step by step.

The app will be translated into as many languages as possible, and a tab will be assigned to each language on the website.

We will also celebrate this day with a fun flashmob, and will definitely tell you about it.
Wings, wings, wings! Millions of bewinged all over the world.
You are entitled to have them!
How Can You Help Right Now?
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Support the project on Facebook
Your Like of the project will give it extra wings.

You can leave a message on the project page, also share with friends. Possibly some of them really need to know that such a project exists. Possibly some of them really need Wings.

Stay Tuned
All you need to do is just to fill out a from below, and we will keep you updated about new events and new stages of the project development.

The Wings project also appreciates any help, especially of technical kind at the moment. We need Internet wizards, graphic designers, translators of various languages (mainly English). If you feel like some of this adds extra power to your wings, indicate this in the form.

If you are interested in the updates of the project, fill out the form below.

You will receive a message about our next step.

If you wish to become a part of the project, write in the comments.
Irina Gerasimov
"Wings Project" Founder
Мy name is Irina Gerasimova. I am 37, Mom of a 17 year old, originally from Gomel, Belarus, and now live in Israel.

Producer, manager, survivor. A year ago, the "Survivors» platform was created in order to give an opportunity to those, who suffered sexual abuse in the family in their childhood and later in life, to tell their story, as well as to hear the stories of other survivors.

The experience I gained during this time, as well as my conclusions from #Iamnotafraidtosay social media hashtag project, led to the birth of the Wings Project.

It is necessary to implement all the ideas that will help touch as gently and softly as possible upon such a difficult, violent, taboo subject.

Interview about project for
"No one will stop and open their eyes. It makes sense to speak to adults who survived the violence and grew up. The "Wings" project has been created exactly for giving a survivor an opportunity to make a tiny step. And things that seem like no big deal to a regular person are a huge breakthrough for the victims of violence." Irina Gerasimova talks with Larisa Zimina about the project for the survivors.
How did the idea of «Wings» project emerged?
A year ago, our desire to do something was shaped into a project with a name and a concept. But before that, there were attempts to do something in this direction. There was a project #выжившие #survived, stories with a voice, a year before the online hashtag campaign #янебоюсьсказать #iamnotafraidtosay. It was exactly this project that helped me understand why my project does not work.
Why do people prefer not to tell their stories?
Well, some do not have an opportunity to tell them, and others - to hear. The hashtag campaign ruined everyone's perceptions of those who were sincere, of those who abstained, and of those who lived in a beautiful world of unicorns and could not even imagine things like that. It destroyed stereotypes, no one stayed untouched. To figure it out for myself, I then interviewed two psychologists, asking them about "leaving the closet." And Lina Rozin-Lifshits said a simple thing that highlighted a weak point of my project.
And what is it?
Thanks to her questions, I understood not only those who participated in the hashtag campaign, but, more importantly, those who did not take part in it. And this means almost everybody. During the #iamnotafraidtosay campaign, we could observe not even the top, but just a tiny tip of an iceberg. Maybe one percent at most of all the family sexual abuse survivors go to therapy or simply find the strength to talk about it. The rest live with their pain. These memories are mostly hidden deep inside; there are plenty of reasons not to "leave the closet". Moreover, I'm not sure that this makes sense for all the survivors, to do it in such a public way. According to the statistics in Ursula Wirtz's "Incest and Therapy" book, 10 to 30 percent of children (depending on the country) experience sexual abuse in a family. Imagine that Israel is an excellent country, and we have everything at a minimum rate, that is, say, only 10 percent of children. Let's keep counting. We get a school class of about 30 children, that means that 3 children return to their personal hell, when everyone comes back home after classes. And they know exactly what awaits them there. And then they become adults...
And how is it possible to help them?
I have no opportunity and competence to reach out these children and adolescents, for many reasons. Of course, I can announce from a TV screen, "Dads (well, or other relatives), stop, it's already enough! This is not just an indecent, but a crime that is legally punishable." Alternatively, to mothers, "Open your eyes; look at the child!" But no one will stop and open their eyes. It makes sense to speak to adults who survived the violence and grew up. The "Wings" project has been created exactly for giving a survivor an opportunity to make a tiny step ahead. In addition, things that seem like no big deal to a regular person are a huge breakthrough for the victims of violence. After all, most of them usually do not even have access to a sense of shame and guilt; they account for about 70% of the survivors.
How does your project work?
This is an absolutely secure anonymous platform - a website and an associated mobile application. They are not just anonymous to other users, they are anonymous even for government agencies - they do not have any information, not even IP addresses. (This is not very easy to do, because according to the laws of most countries, if a person reports violence in a family, then the website owner is required to notify the relevant authorities regardless of the fact how many years already passed).
What do visitors do? What is their tiny step?
It's just an easy and fun mobile application. Nice layout, anonymous approach. You can leave nothing there. Or download your photo (a photo can be even taken from the back or with cool wings) or an audio file, or text. And you can even escape saving them and not give the permission to publish them. It's not even a step; it's half a step, or just raising a foot. This can lead to a great result or to nothing. What is really important is that a person at least decided to make something.
Why exactly wings?
Wings are a symbol of freedom, strength, and independence. Each of us has our own story to leave behind somehow. Have you ever noticed how many people take pictures and tattoos with wings, wear t-shirts with this symbol?
Will the consultations by psychologists or other specialists be considered on the website?
No, I want anything like this to be on this website - no psychologists, no slogans, and no calls for revenge. This is not a story about the fact that you need revenge. This is a story about the necessity to continue living since you have survived. And, of course, there is no possibility to leave comments.
When will the project be launched?
Now we are collecting money to finish the website and the application.

skype: markizangelove

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